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random post so that I get to procrastinate studying...
Wednesday, November 11, 2009  @   5:35 AM.
Hard to digest, I know...

as it's coming out of Wei Vern's mouth - the girl who has 'triple dose of steroids' that infallibly slogs through the night and early morning, studying for exams.

and she was never THIS last minute.

Well, considering the NOISE I hear from next door, I think my poor progress is quite excusable.

*rolls eyes*

I don't know if my neighbour is doing it on purpose or not, but I find it rude and and inconsiderate if someone blasts Rihanna's "Disturbia" on their speakers at 10.30am in the morning when clearly, it's the exam season. All tenants are students, btw, if I haven;t mentioned.

I was trying to study, okay, I was cramming before my paper this afternoon which was at 2pm.

No, hold it. Don't click your tongue at me just yet. It's not because I was impatient. I was already very accommodating and patient these past month. Yes, MONTH.

I have no idea what kind of alarm clock my neighbour has that it blasts one of Ne-yo's songs with a thumping beat at 9.30am every morning without fail. Goodness, I could feel the vibration of the beat through the walls. Not to mention, I occasionally hear irritating high-pitched squeals from across the wall (which I don't think belongs to the actual occupant) every evening around 8-9pm and late night 11-12am.

Maybe one doesn't realise that one's music can be another's noise, so I patiently bore with it. It was not too bad, really, quite gotten used to the fact that he listens to his lecture recordings on speaker at 2am (I can hear word for word...I might consider doing a double degree without attending lectures), the alarm rings, and occasional blasts of music...but today was the peak!! My head hurt...It's one of my pet peeves...I can't stand vibration. I am not exaggerating. I can hear "Disturbia" in the hallway even when I was 5 metres away from the said occupant's room.

It's not just this one neighbour. The OTHER neighbour doesn't realise that her door slams violently and makes my wall shake when she leaves her door to shut itself. So, imagine when one goes in and out of one's room when preparing yourself in the morning...yes, 6 consecutive door slams in the morning and another six at night.

Then, it's the downstairs door. The upstairs, where our rooms are, are separated from downstairs common kitchen and lounge by a door which supposedly should shut by itself, QUIETLY.

But it doesn't anymore. It SLAMS.


Even my floor vibrates. Imagine all other 27 occupants of this hostel going up and down the stairs every hour during the day, to make lunch, breakfast, dinner, SUPPER, or anything at all.

Yes, the slamming just continues. Well, I've managed to avoid them by studying late at night where the slamming ceases...but now, it's still the same. Apparently, everybody here sleepwalks up and down the stairs from 1am - 6am. *Unless it has excaped your notice, I'm dripping with sarcasm*

I have no peace.

I am going to go crazy.

From here on out.

And SOMEBODY commented, "You shouldn't be worried at all NOW. It's too late to study anymore. You should have studied earlier....etc, etc"

In my head, "Who's fault is THAT???!!! that I can't finish studying, huh???" Fix the damn doors!!!

It takes every ounce of self-control to not open my door and yell "Shut Up!"

All the slamming is driving me completely out of my mind.

God, help me.

what happened during mid-sem break
Saturday, October 10, 2009  @   2:20 AM.
hectic 2 weeks, i tell you........

I can't even find time for myself...every little free time I've had, I used it to sleep................

well, I did go around a bit, only once. with my hostelmates. They're awesome. I haven't had so much fun for a long while and they make things enjoyable....

we went crabbing on 26th sept...this is Fish throwing out the trap out to sea at Henley beachthis is me pulling it up but all we caught was seaweed
And it was horribly windy and cold that day. Look at us, wrapped up and bracing ourselves against the wind. It felt like it was going to blow me off the ground.Meet my hostelmates. (from top left clockwise: guy acting like idiot (Keith), girl in white (Hwee Sim), Pmela, Pee Ter, Yim Yin, girl in white beanie (Jennifer), me, Kenny, Shermayne and Fish).

although weather was unfriendly, the scenery was breathtaking.

then we went to treat ourselves to durian shake and Vietnamese beef special noodle soup

check out the durian shake. I miss Malaysian taste too much to critic it...2 thumbs up!!

After dinner, we went to Mount Lofty to look at the aerial night-time view of the city. I couldn't take a photo since my handphone camera can't take anyhing in the dark. Unfortunately, none of my travel companions thought of taking one of the scenery. It was truly beautiful.

But they remembered to take a picture of all of us squeezed in the mini-van, playing "Mafia" at the summit of a hill in the middle of the night.
then, we went to get supper at an INDIAN mamak shop. Yup, I couldn't believe my eyes either, but it was outside the city. We ate the butter chicken curry and fish curry with their garlic naan.
It was really good.
I never thought I would ever get to taste authentic Indian food.

Friday, September 4, 2009  @   7:34 PM.
1. Assignment due Friday
2. Assignment due Thursday
3. Mid-term exam inr2 days
4. Accounting online test in 1 week
5. Stats mid-term online exam in 1 week
6. International trade mid-terms next Friday.
7. Accounting assignment due in 3 weeks.

I AM soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooDEAD....

Stayed up till 5.30 to type out a thesis for Shu Ning...Cause the scanned documents were way too big to email.

and now I need LOADS of glucose recharge to keep me going

Awwww..f**** update later. got a haircut appointment with my client.

Fren's Housewarming
Tuesday, August 18, 2009  @   7:20 AM.
Evon, Chiu Thang and Chai Ling moved into a new townhouse
(After a lot of trouble)

I still can't get use to the townhouse design, i mean the kitchen is on the second floor, bedrooms and toilet on the first floor and another bedroom is on the ground floor, in the garage. the laundry area is not fit to be called laundry area, more like laundry corner.

Anyway they had a steamboat to congratulate themselves for a fine deal done (but i think it's because they just want to find reason to do something). It was on last, last Friday. I'm only talking about it now cuz I'm bored.

damn lot of stuff to eat leh........
seriously, they stuffed me silly, and with ice-cream to boot

Bulla mint and chocolate chip ice-cream - OMG! It's Heavenly!! Must have again!

Guilty of indulgement.

But I think I've sort of worked them off by walking to campus everyday since then.

The hilarious thing about us is that we played heart attack with a deck of cards and screamed ourselves silly. I am no good at that game. I kept losing.

The greatest pain in the neck was Zhi Weng was neck and neck with me as to who is losing.

But I was GREAT in Bluff. Too bad they became sore losers and didn't want to play.



Though I think the steamboat was more like a gathering to let off steam. We kept discussing "points" on a certain someone. Though, it did get hilarious towards the end.

I didn't really understood much since the girls were chatting at high speed on a different wavelength. Like they are on FM and I am on AM.

Joshua and his housemates and Jiun and her boyfriend were there too. Great to see them in person. Since they are WAY too busy people, we felt completely honored by their presence.

Anyway, Jiun's coming over was a on-the-whim kinda thing...lol. The randomness.
Yeah it was great to have them over. Jiun kinda lighten the mood a little. Joshua was a tad too, I would say, pissed. But then again, I could understand why. Still, no reason to get irritated but he was a gentleman throughout the night, really.

We stayed up chatting till 4am.

I didn't. My brain kinda shut down after 2 something...and I was trying really hard to stay awake to the point I got grumpy at myself for not being able to stay awake.

LOL. I end up snoozing on Evon's couch.

Sorry, Evon.

and thanks for the lift, Joshua!

Shhh...not a word to my mum. She'd kill me if she knew I stayed out so late.

Ciao guys, will update tomorrow

what I have been up to~
Monday, August 17, 2009  @   6:08 AM.
I'm not a frequent blogger. That's an established fact.

But then again, to blog everyday, or every half a day, signals that the person has no life.

Clearly, I do have a life.


1. Last month: Been to Hahndorf and back again.
2. End of July: Started semester
3. Start of August:Scrimping because textbooks publishers are robbing us students
4. First week of August: Trying to get a hang of my subjects. Going bonkers while doing it.
5. Second week of August: Met cute guy but then, found out that he already has a partner. Ow.
6. Third week of August: Became a shrink for several people. Do I have a: "please let me help you look"? Watched Coraline.
7. This Week: Cooked my first beef noodle soup. Woohoo! success! Ate one of Jiun's 102 chocolate truffles. Mmmm....The chocolaty-iest I've tasted.

moving on....

Things happening:
A friend of mine got engaged. @.@
*there are a lot of things I want to talk about because they are funny but I'm not allowed to. Otherwise, I'll be terminated.
My FE lectures are INTRIGUING. Really.

My future plans:
1. Drink 1 cup of fresh milk for breakfast and lunch each day
2. Eat sardines
3. Stop eating supper too often
4. Aiming for Miss Malaysia weight
5. Beat cute guy's scores.
6. Get a part-time job (I've been rejected almost 20 times already. It's sad and pathetic, I know.)
7. Sleep earlier

What is my happiness this week?
Skip Beat Chapter 144 is updated! YAY!!!

Will update tomorrow. Ciao.

Don't take things for granted
Saturday, July 25, 2009  @   6:08 AM.
Don't take things for granted.

Things that may seem insignificant to you may be helpful to others. So, share them.

Talking with Patsy made me realised this. I never knew that all the little things that I have experienced up till now could be useful anecdotes to people elsewhere who don't have the privilege to gain such insight.

And she suggested that I should share them - through blogging! Thank you, Patsy!

I think I can once again enjoy writing!

So, now readers, start racking your brains. Never think that your life is insignificant or boring.

There are important things happening in your life everyday that could be a signpost for others - a compass that helps in their own journey towards self development.

Even brief meaningless conversation over the dinner table with your father can turn into something illuminating.

My dad used to say: "Learning is easy. Just use all your five senses - sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. What is difficult is noticing what to learn."

This is real irony.

I, myself, have never taken notice of words like these and have always taken them for granted.

I have never thought it was an anecdote. Here I am, imparting to lucky random blog-strollers that happen to read this all-too-uninteresting-and-irregularly-updated blog. For those, who gave up on me ever updating my blog or thought I have just let it died, well, your loss

I think I've found a new purpose to update this blog of mine frequently.

Or so I say.

Randomness gives birth to good ideas - Wei Vern (Vivian)

...and I'm back
Saturday, July 11, 2009  @   8:43 AM.
Well, it's been a long time since the Business Finance assignment but haha I kinda forgotten that I had a blog in the first place.

So, I'm finally updating it after my finals.

Finals was scary. For the third time in my life, I exponentially freaked out for an exam due to last-minute insufficient studying. I know, I know I brought this on to myself. All I can do now is pray to my lucky stars. Oh Lady Luck, please let me pull through....*wishing sincerely*

That was my dilemma with finals.

At the moment, I'm pissed that I have not found casual employment yet. I don't like sitting around doing nothing at all. It's just not productive or ECONOMICAL.


The REAL reason that I am pissed is I'm getting FATTER with every ticking second I spend motionless and aimless in my room.

This REALLY pisses me off.

I wanna go places. No funds, though. WTF. I'm envious of these rich brats.

I dunno if I can keep up the cheery, I'm-contented-and-not-troubled look any longer. Fake people, fake smiles, fake courteousness is annoying me to no end!!! If I'm not careful, I'll revert back to being that bad-tempered, rude, sharp-tongued little bitch I was

HAHA. Maybe not. I can still smile and bite at the same time.